A Day in the life of Hey Now!

You wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning or if you’re me you press snooze once (or twice) and race to Pour for iced coffee. A few moments later the caffeine sets in and you’re off! Then around 3 in the afternoon you start dozing off… psych that’s only if you don’t work in the Hey Now! office. 

At 3:00 PM instead of lingering over to the office coffee machine we do this:

insert pic of trail

But to get us pumped up for off-roading and hiking on the red line: greenway we listened to Lou Tisler, Executive Director, Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland at The Cleveland Rotary Club Luncheon. 


Our Thursday October 8 luncheon will feature Lou Tisler, Executive Director, Neighborhood Housing Services of Greater Cleveland “Achieving the Dream of Home Ownership” noon -1:30pm at Windows on the River Guests are welcome!

(Insert photo of rotary club) 

After that we wrapped up the work day (Is off-roading and listening to innovative lectures really work though?) by touring Magnet and learning all about how they’re growing innovation and the job market in NEO manufacturing. They’re 3-D printing sculls and pumping out Cleveland Whiskey. Can we move our office there? 


However, the day really came to end (although it’s only the beginning) as we had our weekly meeting. 



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