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The History of Websites & Website Resources for the Present

1990s computer monitor

The world of website design and development officially opened its doors on August 6 ,1991, the day the first webpage ever created went live. Just 2 years later Mosaic, the first web browser, was launched and image HTML tags were introduced so web pages could include pictures.

The 90s – The Creation Stage

The 90s were explosive with technological internet firsts including the first cell phone with internet capabilities (the Nokia 9000 Communicator) and the first webmail service (Hotmail). From Napster to Yahoo!, GoDaddy, even Netflix- it’s hard to believe these tools were all created in a less than 10 year span. 

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emoji blog

We use emoji‘s in marketing all the time. They were once quite frowned upon, believed to convey a sense of informality. But, Emoji’s have cemented a rightful and useful place in modern marketing. They act as their own visual language, in addition to graphics and text, that we can count on to help in marketing efforts.  


What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing…it’s a big word, that can mean a lot of different things. But that doesn’t mean it should scare you off. Content marketing could be one of the main reasons your business takes off if done correctly. Do you want to begin bringing in quality leads, sales, and loyal customers all right from your computer? Let us guide you through – keep reading to get a full breakdown of the different types of content marketing, how to execute it, and why it’s necessary for a successful business.Read More »What is Content Marketing?