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Case Study


Bilz USA engineers leveling and vibration isolation solutions for experts with high standards and unique requirements. Their product line features German engineered parts that are of the highest quality and built to last.

Taking Bilz to the Next Level


Bilz sales had become stagnant over the past 5-10 years. They were profitable, but not growing. They wanted to somehow grow the business — this way when ownership retired, there was someone to continue the company moving forward.



How do we bring in new leads that aren’t repeat customers?


How do we convert these leads into sales?


How do we bring in enough sales to grow the business?


The solution to these problems? A complete redesign and shift in marketing. This included tons of research, working directly with the clients, and figuring out who their target demographics are. Additionally, we needed to truly understand the sales process for Bilz as their products are higher priced and have a longer sales cycle.


We implemented our marketing game plan program.

Marketing Game Plan

We worked to leverage our expertise to provide value and help Bilz target demographic.

As a company, we helped Bilz show their thought leadership as expert engineers through a content marketing strategy. This strategy was segmented by application, machine, persona, and industry.


We implemented a new sales and marketing strategy.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our first content marketing campaign was ready to begin. We would be creating a content offer and pillar page to use as macro-content, which could then be spliced up and used to create a large bank of micro-content. These smaller content pieces included blogs, Linkedin posts, retargeting and remarketing ads on Linkedin, Google Ads, emails, and lead nurturing.


We consistently market to potential new customers.

Implementation of On-going Marketing

Once our first campaign launched, it was time to implement an ongoing marketing campaign. This consisted of LinkedIn posts, monthly emails, and Google and Linkedin ads working to market Bilz top products. We also implemented lead nurturing, which is a sales program leveraged from the content we created that drives your close rate up and creates efficiencies and productivity within your sales department and process.


Before working with Bilz, we were seeing 300-400 visitors to their website a month. They would see 5-6 leads a month and would close around 2-3 of those sales.

Since our efforts, we now always have over 800 visitors to their website a month. We generate over 15-20 leads a month and close around 8-10 of those sales.

This growth has allowed Bilz to branch out as a company and start to bring on new employees → fulfilling their ultimate goal of keeping the company afloat and thriving for generations to come.


Stats From Early in the Pandemic

800+ visitors to Bilz website a month.

Around 15-20 leads a month from our marketing efforts.

Around 8-10 conversions into sales from those leads.

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