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Edgewood Trace Case Study


Edgewood Trace is a premiere housing community in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Nestled in birch wood trees near 271 and Cedar and Lander Roads, they came to us with a couple home built and plenty more to come.

Taking Edgewood Trace to the Next Level


Edgewood came to us with virtually nothing but a logo. They had one model home, tons of vacant land, and a vision for a community — but not a clear plan on how marketing and branding could help them make this space a reality.



Create a brand for a new development.


Build brand awareness by creating a website and using on-going marketing efforts.


Start selling homes and filling lots!


Our first plan of action was to create a trustworthy brand that gets people in the community excited and interested in the possibility of what this community could become. 

Then, we needed to follow up with on-going marketing tactics to drive brand awareness and stay connected with the Pepper Pike community, and current and potential Edgewood homeowners.


We built a brand new beautiful website to attract leads.

Building The Brand

Building Edgewood Trace’s brand was all about creating something that spoke to the trustworthiness, credibility, expertise, and experience of the builder, Orlean properties. With the use of warm inviting colors, adding new design elements to give the brand versatility, tag lines, and recreating the logo to be usable at different sizes and applications. Armed with a robust branding suite, we used it to execute our strategy of showcasing the amenities and options in future homes, and highlighting how amazing it is to live in Pepper Pike.



We implemented a new sales and marketing strategy.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Our approach was to focus on the lifestyle of Edgewood Trace and bring that to life through the messaging and overall visual communication of the brand and marketing. The beautiful location, the modern build of the units, all the way down to the furnishings, have a streamlined theme and feelings associated with them; and the marketing reflected this. High-end photography of the location, units and spaces + messaging around the lifestyle streamlined the marketing with the brand experience and helped potential residents envision what it would be like to live in Edgewood Trace. This created demand within the right audience that led to higher close rates.


We consistently market to potential new customers.

Implementation of On-going Marketing

Once our first campaign launched, it was time to implement an ongoing marketing campaign. This consisted of Facebook and Instagram posts, monthly emails, and Google and Facebook ads working to market these high-end homes. Although this marketing helps build brand awareness, once homes started to be built and people started to move in — much of the marketing has also been focused on building and bringing the community together!



Before working with Edgewood Trace they did not have a brand, website, social platforms, or potential leads. 

Since our efforts we see around 800-1,000 visitors to their website a month and generate around 3-5 leads a month inquiring about a home.

This growth has allowed Edgewood Trace to sell over 18 homes since their launch in 2019 → fulfilling their ultimate goal of building a community and growing as a company!

Edgewood Trace: By the Numbers

18 homes sold since their launch in 2019.

Around 3-5 leads a month inquiring about a home.

Around 800-1,000 visitors to their website a month.

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