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Case Study


NOAA is the Leading Industry Resource for Northern Ohio’s Multifamily Owners, Managers & Vendors. At NOAA, they aim to support the profitability and growth of multifamily housing across Northern Ohio by providing resources, education, and networking opportunities to facilitate meaningful connections between members.

Taking NOAA to the Next Level


When NOAA first developed a relationship with Hey Now! Media their branding, visual identity and website were substantially outdated and didn’t communicate who they were as an organization. NOAA did not engage with their digital audience consistently and were unable to capitalize on their incredible reputation and events to spread awareness. They needed a website and marketing strategy that would give them the opportunity to capture new leads.



Increase Membership Numbers


Provide More Value to New and Current Members


Promote Events and Make Sign Up Process Simpler


We began building out the NOAA marketing foundation by revamping the current brand and developing a new website and web presence. Additionally, we delivered a content marketing plan to drive traffic to the new site.


This process helped transform the organization’s expertise into robust digital marketing that has attracted the right audience and converted that audience into qualified leads and set up the opportunity to bring in long-term clients.


We created a brand that reflects NOAA as an organization.

Full Rebrand

Our solution included not just any other rebrand, but to position NOAA as the best resource for apartment building owners in Northern Ohio looking for help streamlining and growing their operations. We created a new logo and colors that were vibrant, modern, and exciting. This allowed us to appeal to the up and coming demographic of members while also balancing the approachability that made it comfortable and familiar to the established members.


We built out a brand new website that converts members and improves user experience.

Brand New Website

When building out the new website, user friendliness and interactivity were our number one goals. This included building out unique sections such as a New Member and Current Member portals. We also included a brand new events section that makes it simple to explore upcoming events and sign up directly from the site. All while showcasing the new branding throughout.


We consistently market to potential new members.

Implementation of On-Going Marketing

For on-going marketing, we implemented a strategy that helped their internal marketing team leverage the content they already had on hand. This included providing templates for social media, newsletters, and more. This gave them the infrastructure they needed to use the macro content they currently possess and convert it into smaller micro content. All while we continuously run paid advertisements on Google.


Before working with NOAA they had branding that did not reflect their organization, a website that was not converting new members, and had no marketing strategy.

Since our efforts we see an increase in page views went up over 20%, form submissions increased over 50%, and website users increased by 30%. Also, paid search rose to be the second highest traffic source, trumping organic search and falling just under direct search.

This growth has allowed NOAA to grow tremendously since we began working with them in 2021 → fulfilling their ultimate goal of bringing in new members and filling events!


NOAA: By the Numbers

Page views increased over 20%

Form Submissions increased over 50%

Website users increased by 30%

2022 Apex Award

The APEX Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. With a fresh Hey Now! Media rebrand and corresponding website, we are thrilled to announce that NOAA received the
APEX Award for Excellence in 
Design & Illustration – Best Redesigns

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