Healing Bar Brand Review

The Healing Bar is the deep tissue massage that heals your body.  They have unique offerings, provide a personal experience and their massages are therapeutic, not just for relaxation.   Their offerings will heal your body in ways other massages can’t.  Their specialty is Ashiatsu, a deep and effective massage where the massage therapist delicately uses their feet, rather than their hands to ease discomfort.  With such unique offerings, we set out to develop a brand that educated the consumer.  Typically their target demographic was women in their 40’s and 50’s; however we saw an opportunity to re-position the brand to athletes, while still maintaining the existing clientele. 

Based on research we found that all of their immediate competition used a “Zen” or “Spa” look and feel.  Our goal with the logo was to create something that would still resonate with the female demographic, but introduced a look and feel targeted towards athletes.  Mixing colors that may attract the current demographic with an illustration that had the same vibe as a sports company or team, differentiates this brand from their competition.


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