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Home » Navigating the Whirlwind of Digital Marketing: A Conversation with Tim Marshall of Baldwin Wallace University

Navigating the Whirlwind of Digital Marketing: A Conversation with Tim Marshall of Baldwin Wallace University

HEY NOW PODCAST Episode 8 – Tim Marshall

Buckle up, marketing enthusiasts, because we’ve got a front-row seat to the latest mind-blowing episode of the Hey Now! Media Podcast. Picture this: hosts Matt Brower and Matt Jaffe teaming up with the digital marketing master himself, Tim Marshall from Baldwin Wallace University. Get ready to dive deep into the ever-spinning world of digital marketing, where strategies, AI, and influencer magic collide!

Strategies: Your North Star in a Sea of Trends

In this wild world of digital marketing, where trends come and go faster than a sneeze, our trio’s mantra is clear: strategy rules the roost. As the hosts and Tim Marshall chitchat, it becomes crystal clear that the key to success isn’t just tactics, but a grand master plan. Because, let’s be honest, while tactics may change, nailing down a killer strategy keeps you ahead in the game.

Unveiling the AI Superpowers

AI isn’t just a fancy sci-fi term anymore; it’s rewriting the marketing playbook. Our experts reveal how AI-powered tools are the ultimate multitaskers, making marketing managers look like superheroes as they juggle multiple accounts with flair. But here’s the twist – AI isn’t just about churning out content; it’s your all-knowing strategy buddy, dishing out advice, and crunching numbers like a pro.

The Drama and Glory of Influencer Universe

Now, let’s venture into the mystical realm of influencer marketing. Our trio spills the tea on why authenticity is the name of the game. As they dissect influencer ethics like true detectives, it’s clear that keeping it real is the golden rule. They toss in some chuckles about the rise of micro-influencers and their knack for sparking local engagement.

Keeping it Real in Content Wonderland

Oh, and if you’re a content connoisseur, this podcast is your goldmine. It’s all about that personal touch – videos and interviews that scream, “Hey, I’m a human, just like you!” The gang chats about epic influencer campaigns that hit the mark because they didn’t just sell stuff; they connected on a human level.

AI’s Got Game, But Humans Win

Wait a second, is AI the shiny savior of marketing? Well, not so fast! While AI brings the dazzle, our trio gives a shout-out to the good ol’ human creativity and authenticity. With AI-generated content on the rise, they raise a virtual eyebrow and remind us that humans still bring the sparkle that no algorithm can mimic.

Baldwin Wallace: Where Future Marketers are Born

Hold onto your hats; we’re shifting gears to Baldwin Wallace University’s digital marketing program. It’s like Hogwarts for marketing wizards! The program churns out versatile marketing pros who can rock any role in an agency. Cross-training is the name of the game, making sure these graduates can jump in like pros when things go crazy.

Peek into the Crystal Ball: The Future of Marketing Education

What’s next for the digital marketing program? Our experts spill the tea on beefing up the curriculum with content creation, account management, and relationship skills. It’s all about keeping it real and in sync with industry needs.

Bottom Line? Stay on Your Toes!

As the episode winds down, Tim Marshall spills the beans on his journey, from consultant to professor. With a dash of humor, he reminds us that practical skills and staying updated are the secrets to conquering the ever-changing marketing landscape.

So there you have it! The Hey Now! Media Podcast episode isn’t just a roller coaster of insights; it’s a roadmap to thriving in the digital marketing jungle. Ready to unleash your inner marketing ninja? Tune in and level up!

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