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Home » Conversations with John Templeman: Navigating the Music Industry and Beyond

Conversations with John Templeman: Navigating the Music Industry and Beyond

HEY NOW PODCAST Episode 9 – John Templeman


In a recent episode of the Hey Now! Media Podcast host Matt Brower engages in a candid conversation with John Templeman, the Director of Annual Giving at Cleveland State University and the owner of JB Machine Records. This insightful conversation spans various aspects of John’s life, including his eclectic involvement in the music industry, his professional role in fundraising for a university, and some personal anecdotes that provide a glimpse into his life’s journey.

Music Industry Insights

John Templeman’s extensive involvement in the music industry is a prominent theme in the conversation. He shares exciting news about “Twice as High Records,” a music label planning to release a Rush tribute album on vinyl in early 2024. The album features artists from around the world covering deep Rush tracks, making it a thrilling prospect for music enthusiasts. This project showcases John’s commitment to preserving and celebrating iconic rock music.

John’s musical background is equally fascinating. He reveals that he started with singing, took drum lessons, and learned to play the guitar. His diverse musical talents enable him to capture his creative ideas effectively. John’s ability to play multiple instruments underscores his versatility in the world of music.

Balancing Multiple Roles

The conversation also delves into John’s exceptional ability to balance his professional roles. As the Director of Annual Giving at Cleveland State University, he combines his passion for fundraising with creative marketing strategies. John describes this role as an artistic one, highlighting the need for adapting communication channels to engage donors from various generations effectively.

John acknowledges the evolving landscape of fundraising, emphasizing the shift from traditional phone centers to more personalized and digital approaches. He emphasizes the importance of donor stewardship, showing gratitude to donors through personal notes, emails, and phone calls, particularly for first-time donors. Exclusive events for higher-level donors play a significant role in donor engagement, illustrating the importance of fostering relationships.

Personal Touch

Amid the discussion, an unexpected topic emerges – tattoos. The interviewer’s question about John’s favorite tattoo leads to a touching revelation. John shares that he has tattoos bearing the actual signatures of his grandmothers, symbolizing their enduring presence in his life. This revelation offers a glimpse into John’s personal connections and the values he holds dear.

Connecting with Home

The conversation concludes with a heartwarming discussion about home and identity. John, originally from Youngstown, reflects on the strong connection he has with both Youngstown and Cleveland. He highlights the sense of belonging and identity that these places hold for him.

The podcast conversation between Matt Brower and John Templeman provides a captivating exploration of John’s multifaceted life, including his involvement in the music industry and his role in fundraising for a university. It offers insights into music projects, fundraising strategies, and personal connections, making it a truly engaging and enlightening exchange.

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