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Home » Inside the Life of a Content Producer: A Conversation with Matt Jaffe of Hey Now! Media

Inside the Life of a Content Producer: A Conversation with Matt Jaffe of Hey Now! Media

HEY NOW PODCAST Episode 5 – Matt Jaffe

In episode 5 of the Hey Now! Podcast, Matt Brower of Hey Now! Media interviewed Matt Jaffe, the current Content Producer for Hey Now! Media. With a degree from Tri-C and prior involvement in music recording, Matt had a wealth of experience to share. Throughout the episode, he talked about his role in operating a recording studio where he worked on various content, including music, videos, commercials, and audio production.


One project he highlighted was a unique album in collaboration with his friend Nate. The album featured a captivating blend of tracks interspersed with humorous commercials. Matt discussed the creative approach they took in promoting products like Bush’s Baked Beans and Aquafina, incorporating catchy beats and quick commercials into the music. This project was a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend different elements into his musical creations.


As the Content Producer for Hey Now! Media, Matt expressed excitement about recording the podcast in a professional studio for the first time. He also touched upon the company’s growth, starting from humble beginnings in a small office and steadily improving their workspace to accommodate their expanding endeavors.


Drawing from his background in recording arts and technology, Matt spoke about his collaborations with artists and the establishment of a studio where various production and creative projects were undertaken. He emphasized his mission of providing artists with the freedom to create without financial limitations, a goal that fueled his involvement in the agency.


Reflecting on his professional journey, Matt shared his transition from a previous job in visual merchandising at Nordstrom to an office-based creative agency. This trajectory from music production to the creative agency showcased his adaptability and unwavering passion for creative pursuits.


Matt talked about his early experiences with creativity, including drawing, writing short stories, and composing funny songs since middle school. He also touched upon his academic background, mentioning his time at Kent State University and Ohio State University before pursuing a degree in recording arts and technology at Tri-C.


In his current position at Hey Now! Media, Matt focuses on content production, which includes managing social media posts, graphic design, and video production. He discussed the company’s shift toward video content and his integral role in handling most of the video production responsibilities.


Overall, the podcast episode provided an insightful glimpse into Matt’s diverse experiences and his passion for creative endeavors. Through his journey, he has exhibited versatility and unwavering dedication to his craft. As he continues to shape content and collaborate with artists, it is evident that his journey is driven by a profound love for the world of creativity and a commitment to providing opportunities for artists to thrive.


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