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Unleashing the Power of the Marketing Engineer: How Jordan Yates Mastered the Art of Blending Engineering and Marketing

HEY NOW PODCAST Episode 6 – Jordan Yates


In episode 6 of the Hey Now! Podcast, Matt Brower and Jordan Yates of Jordan Yates Marketing and Jordan Yates Plus Engineering engaged in a dynamic discussion centered around marketing and the concept of a “marketing engineer.” Jordan, who is a  marketing engineer, revealed that the role holds a dual meaning for her. It serves as her job title at her day job, where she works as a research back-end engineer for a specialty ceramic capacitor manufacturer, and it also characterizes what she does for her side business.

Throughout the episode, the conversation revolved around the empowering feeling of being heard, especially for individuals working in isolation. Building meaningful relationships that could lead to opportunities, like finding jobs or clients, was a central theme. The duo delved into their past interactions, with Matt previously appearing as a guest on Jordan’s podcast. Their intention going into the conversation was to learn about LinkedIn tactics and gather specific takeaways for marketing.

Jordan discussed her role as a marketing engineer in her day job, where she supports the marketing and sales teams by conducting research for applications, creating content, and ensuring technical accuracy in their materials. On the side, she runs her content creation business, combining her engineering background with marketing skills to assist clients with content creation and marketing efforts, including LinkedIn strategies.

The conversation highlighted the combination of engineering and marketing skills and how these disciplines complement each other, leading to innovative roles like the “marketing engineer.” Jordan emphasized the importance of understanding sales and people to create effective marketing materials that resonate with the audience.

They also discussed Jordan’s experiences with video content and podcasting, which have proven successful for her marketing efforts. While some salespeople resisted these strategies, Jordan shared the personal benefits based on her experience, encouraging them to give it a try. She also touched on her involvement in various markets, mentioning a project with “Impakt Organics,” a clean skincare brand, and her research process for marketing in the beauty and self case industries.

Jordan’s marketing approach when working with clients, especially in creating video content, was also discussed. She emphasized understanding the client’s vision and creating a “vision board” for inspiration. While she has a natural flow for technology-related content, beauty-related content requires more attention to positioning the camera and lighting for aesthetic purposes.

Beyond her marketing expertise, Jordan is dedicated to empowering others, particularly young girls, in pursuing STEM careers. Her volunteer work with the Black Girls Do Engineering Corporation involves teaching soldering and promoting STEM education. Her journey into engineering was also explored, from initially planning to be a petroleum engineer to specializing in Industrial Automation.

The conversation further covered Jordan’s early experiences with marketing during a job as a marketing specialist for an oil and gas service company. It was during this time that she discovered the power of LinkedIn for networking and finding potential clients. She later integrated LinkedIn into her sales approach as a sales engineer, using the platform for posting content and attracting leads.

The podcast episode highlighted Jordan’s diverse experiences and expertise in marketing, engineering, and her dedication to empowering others. They also emphasized the importance of authenticity and engagement on LinkedIn to build meaningful connections and potential opportunities within niche industries.

Lastly, the discussion delved into various tips and tricks for using LinkedIn effectively to grow an audience. Jordan preferred posting original content and using polls to generate engagement. She stressed the value of having meaningful connections rather than seeking large follower counts through artificial means like “pods.” Throughout the episode, Jordan shared her equipment preferences for content creation, including her iPhone camera, studio lights, and Samson Q2U microphone.

In conclusion, the podcast episode offered valuable insights into the world of marketing and content creation, with Jordan Yates as a prime example of a marketing engineer successfully blending her engineering knowledge with marketing skills. Her passion for empowering others and creating engaging content shines through in her interactions and strategies on LinkedIn and beyond.

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