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Celebrating 40 Years of Empowerment and Education: A Conversation with Victor Ruiz of Esperanza Inc.

HEY NOW PODCAST Episode 7 – Victor Ruiz


In episode 7 of the Hey Now! Media Podcast, host Matt Brower engages in a captivating conversation with Victor Ruiz, the Executive Director of Esperanza Inc. They dive deep into the incredible journey of Esperanza Inc. as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. This chat sheds light on how Esperanza Inc. has evolved from its origins as a scholarship provider into a comprehensive educational pipeline, empowering hispanic individuals to chase after their educational aspirations.

A Legacy of Educational Empowerment

Esperanza Inc. was initially founded with the mission to provide scholarships to Hispanic youth. However, over the years, the organization’s vision expanded far beyond scholarships. Today, Esperanza is a driving force in the community, offering K-12 support, adult programming, scholarships, and community engagement. Their commitment to educational empowerment has led to significant growth and impact.

Tri-C Partnership and Access Center

Ruiz discusses Esperanza’s strategic partnerships, particularly their collaboration with Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), which resulted in a co-branded Access Center. This partnership underscores Esperanza’s dedication to supporting education from various angles, catering to adults, K-12 students, and beyond. Tri-C’s involvement and shared commitment have strengthened Esperanza’s capacity to make a difference.

From 3 Schools to 10: Expanding Educational Reach

Esperanza’s reach has expanded exponentially over the years. Starting with involvement in three schools, the organization now has a presence in ten educational institutions. This growth signifies their determination to offer educational support to a broader audience, ensuring that more individuals have access to resources and opportunities that foster growth and success.

A Focus on Community Engagement

Esperanza Inc. is deeply rooted in community engagement, fostering partnerships that enrich the lives of those they serve. Their annual Backpack Fair, a back-to-school event, serves as a platform for community involvement through resource tables, sponsorships, and volunteering. The Fiesta of Hope, a scholarship fundraiser event, demonstrates Esperanza’s commitment to transforming lives through education, inviting sponsors and volunteers to contribute to their noble cause.

Victor Ruiz’s Personal Journey

In the podcast, Ruiz shares his personal journey, shedding light on his upbringing, education, and career path. He discusses his humble beginnings, arriving in Cleveland at the age of five with his mother and brother. Despite facing challenges, Ruiz’s commitment to education was unwavering, driving him to pursue opportunities that would empower him and others.

The Power of Education

Ruiz emphasizes the transformative power of education, drawing from his own experiences. As someone who started his journey without any experience in the field, he was drawn to education as a means to uplift himself and make a difference in his community. This commitment led him to Esperanza Inc., where he now leads initiatives that pave the way for success for countless individuals.

A Passion for One-on-One Support:

Victor Ruiz’s passion for one-on-one support is evident in his role as an executive coach. He discusses his involvement in executive coaching, where he works with individuals from various industries across the country. His experience in leading Esperanza Inc. has influenced his coaching approach, fostering collaboration, inclusivity, and transformation.


The podcast conversation between Matt Brower and Victor Ruiz paints a vivid picture of Esperanza Inc.’s incredible journey over 40 years. From its origins as a scholarship provider to its current role as an educational pipeline, Esperanza’s impact is far-reaching and transformative. Victor Ruiz’s personal journey exemplifies the organization’s values of empowerment, collaboration, and growth, highlighting the remarkable achievements that can be accomplished through dedication to education and community engagement.

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