1826 Club at Case Western Reserve University

Developing a brand for alumni based in Silicon Valley, CWRU enhanced their alumni experience. Using the strategy and collateral we created, CWRU took 1826 Club from a Beta test to a successful alumni group.

Wanting to engage alumni based in Silicon Valley at some of the nations top technology companies, CWRU reached out to Hey Now! Media to develop a brand for an alumni group beta test.  The plan was to launch the pilot test and see if there was any interest.  Hey Now! Media created a brand strategy, clear message and brand identity that would appeal to the alumni based in Silicon Valley. We also created their event invitation and a few collateral pieces to help support their marketing efforts.  The first event was a huge success and the beta test turned into a full-fledged alumni group.  

“Our ongoing relationship with Hey Now! has not only been wholly enjoyable and fun, but we know we can count on them to come through no matter what curve ball we throw.”


-- Carey and Vanessa



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