Center for LifeSkills

Since re-branding, The Center For LifeSkills has moved into a bigger facility, hired 5 new therapists and has seen a significant growth in new business.

The Center for Life Skills helps children grow! They are speech and language pathologists and occupational therapists who truly care for their clients and we needed to develop a brand that reflected that. We wanted to make The Center for Life Skills warm and caring, but incorporate a mix of firm and results driven to help them showcase their proven track record of helping kids.

“The other day I was at Office Max creating labels for clipboards as gifts for our staff. I brought along the brand book you made and was able to get the exact colors and fonts. It was so helpful!”


-- Brenda and Stefanie



Brand Development
Graphic Design

Website Design
Website Development

“After spending so much time learning our brand, Matt and his team were able to create the perfect logos for additional programs we are running. It’s great to trust the graphics team and know that we’ll get a great product right off the bat!”

 -- Brenda and Stefanie

Hey Now! Media really listened to what we needed and worked hard to get us the right solutions to help us grow!!

- Brenda and Stefanie, Center For LifeSkills

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