Coast to Coast Equipment

Ready to re-position their company towards equipment dealers, developing a new brand gave Coast to Coast the tools and resources to execute!

Coast to Coast Equipment is the best partner for equipment dealers who purchase aerialequipment.  They offer impeccable service, can meet different budget needs, and are experts in aerial equipment.  We positioned Coast to Coast towards dealers.  This target demographic is college educated, willing to get their hands dirty but is numbers driven and focused on the bottom line.  The Coast to Coast brand speaks directly to them by being refined, specific, and data driven.  When we started the brand name was presented in two formats throughout their materials- Coast 2 Coast and Coast to Coast.  As a result of our strategy, we changed the name to permanently appear as Coast to Coast and the new logo reflects this.  Additionally, we switched their url to so that everything was consistent.  Visually we steered clear of the typical “yellow/ orange” construction worker look and feel.  This look and feel speaks more to the “Home Depot” type customer who is the end user, not the decision maker.



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