With an average monthly reach of 30,000 on Facebook, HFLA has successfully increased their brand awareness.

HFLA came to us looking to both increase donations to their organization and reach a newer, younger demographic to complement their current audience. They were also looking for ways to make their giving process easier. Because the younger demographic lives online, we developed a new microsite specifically catering to online givers. We also built out a dual marketing campaign that leveraged organic social media and community building tactics alongside online paid advertising with Facebook in the Google display network. 



Brand Development
Website Development
Graphic Design

Social Media Strategy

For HFLA's paid advertising and organic audience building efforts, we created video content designed to showcase HFLA's mission. These videos were 30 seconds to two minutes long and were meant to attract new audience members with no prior knowledge of HFLA. The videos consistently attracted high organic traffic and served as a key piece of HFLA's audience building strategy.

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