Kaplan’s Furniture

Kaplan's goal to ENGAGE their customers online was successful after they received over 66,000 unique visitors during the first month of Hey Now! Media's online marketing efforts.

Our overall goal for the Kaplan's re-brand was to build brand awareness, differentiate them from their competitors, and create a targeted one of a kind experience that builds long-term customer retention. Some of our strategies to achieve these goals were: 

• Reintroduce the throwback Kaplan’s logo with a modern twist.

• Highlight the story and history and use it to enhance the brand.

• Emphasize a warm, welcoming, personable, family vibe while interacting with any touch point associated with the brand.

• Creating an environment where customers fall in love with the furniture and truly can see themselves in it.  



Brand Development
Graphic Design

Social Media Strategy
On-Going Marketing
Website Design

Refreshing their brand has helped Kaplan's resonate with a new demographic and create quality marketing campaigns that net sales results.

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