Steve’s Diner

With a rich history in Cleveland, refreshing the brand has allowed Steve's Dinner to not only resonate with their long-standing fan base but has positioned them to scale.

The Steve’s Diner brand will create a sense of nostalgia and will leverage the brand name, history and tradition of Steve's to create a look and feel similar to that of a 1950’s diner deeply rooted in Cleveland, Ohio.  The brand will be known for their Hot Dogs and for giving back to the community.  Steve’s will regain its status as a Cleveland destination and should sit on the list of top Cleveland food destinations.  We will also highlight the accolades Steve’s has received, so when we talk about the hot-dogs we will use descriptors like “Award-Winning” or “Nations Top Hot-Dogs.” 
The brand will draw on its story to communicate the message of Steve's being a Cleveland staple and having deep roots in Cleveland.  We will also use the story as the lead in our marketing and to garner publicity.  The messaging will speak to the better quality food at a lower price, the fact that Steve's is 24/7 and their focus on amazing hot-dogs.  While we want Steve’s Diner to be known for their hot dogs, we will also highlight their signature breakfast items as well. 



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